St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

Faculty Development Program

Faculty of SJIM and SJCC attended one-day faculty development program on “Excellence in Education – Bloom’s Taxonomy” on 29th May 2019 in SJIM campus. The resource person was Dr. Krishna Venkatesh, who holds PhD from IIT Chennai, PhD from Concordia University Irvine, USA and also MTech from IIT Chennai. He said Education in its finest sense should inculcate in learners a lifelong yearning for learning. Thus, “Education for Life” needs to be the guiding principle rather than “Education for a Living.” Such an approach would ensure that people entering the workforce have the agility and capacity to absorb new knowledge as it is created. Thus, they would be well prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow that are bound to be brought about through the intersection of perpetual change, complexity, and ambiguity.

Dr Venkatesh also spoke about the nineteen specific cognitive processes identified by Anderson and Krawthwohl that further clarify the scope of Bloom’s six categories of cognition. Instead of identifying cognitive skills as lower order or higher order, it may be more useful to classify them as a continuum from simple to complex.

The six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, in increasing order of difficulty, are:
1. Remember (recognize, recall)
2. Understand (clarify, illustrate, generalize, conclude, contrast, explain)
3. Apply (execute, implement)
4. Analyze (differentiate, select, structure, deconstruct, organize, attribute)
5. Evaluate (check, detect, monitor, test, critique, judge)
6. Create (synthesize, hypothesize, design, produce, prototype)

He also explained how the Bloom’s taxonomy redefines the cognitive domain as the intersection of the Cognitive Process Dimension and the Knowledge Dimension.