St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

Quest 2017 at SJIM

The 4th edition of Quest (2017) was conducted on 7th October,2017. About 19 colleges from places like Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and Udupi participated in the competition. The programme started at 09.40. It started with the Prayer song, Welcome address by Fr. Manoj D’Souza (SJIM Director) and then followed by the Prayer dance. After which the Quiz Master for the day Mr. Raghav Chakravarthy (Walnut Knowledge Solutions) was introduced along with his team members.

The preliminary rounds were then conducted for the 19 teams, with a set of 20 questions. Six teams qualified to the finals from this round. It was then followed by a short Tea break. A small informal interaction was conducted, wherein each team was asked to create tough questions for the other teams. The team would score, if the remaining teams failed to answer their question.

The 6 teams that qualified to the Finals were then revealed. The 6 finalists included
      • PES University 1
      • Christ University
      • IISC
      • PES University 2
      • BMSCE
      • SDM Mangalore.

The final rounds included 4 rounds, namely- Potpourri 1, Potpourri 2, Anti Buzzer Round and a Buzzer Round.

The masterbrains for the day were found and the prizes were distributed. The winners were:
1st- Pritam and Akhil (PES)
2nd- Shriram and Anirudh (Christ University)
3rd- Suhas and Yogesha (BMS)

The event was concluded by the vote of thanks given by Subham Mehta.