St.Joseph's Institute Of Management


The PGCM is a 12-month course. A total of 12 core subjects are studied in pairs called modules, as follows:

Module 1 Principles of Management Quantitative Techniques
Module 2 Marketing Management Financial Reporting & Cost Control
Module 3 Managerial Economics Organisational Behaviour
Module 4 Financial Management Business Law
Module 5 Strategic Management Human Resource Management
Module 6 Production & Operations Management Advertising, Sales & Distribution

 After completion of the six modules, each student will do a Project in any of these four areas of study (according to the choice/specialization of each student): Human Resource, Finance, Marketing and Operations.

 The Project Work is a continuation of the class room studies by applying what was learned in work place situations in reputed companies, by way of an in-depth study, under the guidance of a designated faculty.

 This Project Work has a duration of three months.

  At the end of the three months a Project Report must be submitted by each student, in a professional format, for evaluation and grading.

Evaluation Procedure

a) Assessment of student performance will be done during and at the end of each course through written tests.

b) A ten-point grading system is used for evaluating the students’ performance for each subject. A letter grade is awarded corresponding to the grade point and percentage marks achieved in each course.

c) Assessment of the project work will be conducted and the grade given to project work will be mentioned in the mark sheet.

Award of Certificate

a) The PGCM students will be awarded the diploma in a convocation that will be held shortly after the announcement of the final results.

b) To be eligible for securing their diploma or certificate a student should have secured a minimum score of 4.5 CGPA