St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

Full Name : Dr. Arthur Fernandes
Highest Education Degree :Ph.D (Karnatak University, Dharwad)
Department :Management
Designation : -
Additional Designation : -
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Office Phone Number with extension : -
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Courses Taught in SJIM : 1. Career Advancement Training
2.Business Communication
Research Interests : Workplace learning and development
Level (PhD, Master's, Bachelor's) Name of Degree Year of Completion Name of Degree Awarding Institute or University Specialization Details of any award related to the degree
PhD PhD 2018 Karnatak University, Dharwad Human Resources Management (HRM) -
Masters MBA 2013 Karnatak University, Dharwad HRM and Marketing -
Masters MA 2019 Karnatak University, Dharwad English -
Bachelors BA 2011 Karnatak University, Dharwad English -
Advanced Diploma Advanced Diploma German 2010 Karnatak University, Dharwad German -
Journal Publications
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Publication Title of Article Journal Name Volume and Issue Number
1 Fernandes,A., Kinange, U., & Shaikh, A. 2016 Workplace learning a strategic tool for effective human resource management. Indian Streams Research Journal. Volume 6, Issue No.8.
2 Fernandes, A., Kinange, U., & Shaikh, A. 2016 Make in India – The learning and development opportunities and challenges looming ahead. Golden Research Thoughts Journal. Volume 5, Issue No.7.
3 Shaikh, A., Kinange, U., & Fernandes, A. 2016 Make in India: Opportunities and challenges in defense sector. International Journal of Research in Commerce & Management. Volume 7, Issue No.1.
4 Shaikh, A., Kinange, U., & Fernandes, A. 2016 Innovations in automotive industry and its influence on consumer behaviour. Tactful Management. Volume 4, Issue No.12.
5 Shaikh, A., Kinange, U., & Fernandes, A. 2016 A study of alternative fuel vehicles and role of automobile innovations pertaining to the sales of cars. Golden Research Thoughts. Volume 6, Issue No.3.
6 Shaikh, A., Kinange, U. M., & Fernandes, A. 2016 A conceptual study of consumer behavior towards safety innovations in passenger cars. Karnatak University Journal of Social Science. Volume 1, Issue No.40.
7 Shaikh, A., Kinange, U., & Fernandes, A. 2017 A study of Car-2-Car communication and its future in India. Review of Research Journal. Volume 6, Issue No.12.
8 Arthur Fernandes, Dr. Uttam Kinange 2018 Welcome to the Workcafe Unnati - The Business Journal Volume 6, Issue No.1.
Papers Presented at Conferences
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Conference Title of Paper Presented Conference Name Conference Location
1 Fernandes A. and Kinange U. 2018 Workplace Learning - Informal the new formal. International Conference on “Mapping Global Changes in Business, Economy, Society, And Culture” Udaipur
2 Fernandes A. and Kinange U. 2018 Welcome to the workcafe. International Conference on “Mapping Global Changes in Business, Economy, Society, And Culture” Udaipur
Work Experience (academic and industry)
Title or Position Name of Organization Duration (in years) Details of experience
Assistant Professor Jain University, Bangalore 0.8 Handled the subjects Strategic Management, Human Resources Management and Learning and Development. Handled coordination of Organization Study Project, Internship and Guest lectures.
Trainer Protocol, Bangalore 0.6 Trained corporate employees on personality enhancement, functional language improvement and etiquettes.
Faculty T.I.M.E., Hubli and Dharwad 10 Handled Verbal Ability and interview preperation for batches of CAT, Banking, GRE and PGCET
Entrepreuneur Sunny Systems and Tata Care Care 9 Automobile component dealership and service
Service Advisor Tata Dealership 7 Automobile service
Consulting / Projects / Management Development
Organization it was undertaken for Year Details
Tata-Marcopolo, Dharwad 2011 Trained the Managerial level employees for Tata Administrative Services.
Tata-Marcopolo, Dharwad 2012 Assisted to develop and setup the Learning and Development Program
Rotary International and iTree Foundation 2018 Designed a module on Emotional Health and Leadership training program for the youth. Conducted Training of Trainers (TOT) and successfully trained around 50,000 youth (students) of South Maharastra, Goa and North Karnataka.
GEM School, Vijayapura 2018 Effective learning and teaching methods for teachers
Mahila Co-operative Bank, Vijayapura 2018 CRM and Soft skills
Examinations and Certifications
Name of Examination or Certification Year Score (if relevant)
UGC-NET 2013 -
KSET 2013 -

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